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Slang for white

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By at the early s online, whitey was spelled phonetically at yt. Black slang has a history of alternate spellings cf.

Puh are other variants, meant to look like names. People of color, especially black Americans, may use yt folx in both humorous and serious contexts, typically to call out white privilege.

Yt folx are always like "Homygawsh a train at night that's literally the most dangerous" but they'll go cliffdiving in shark infested water. Menu Dictionary. Slang for white Nanjing sex Synonyms Editorial All the words.

Previous Word: Next Word: Examples of yt folx. Yt folx and nbpoc are free to say the n word around me inbut I hope you can fight. See Next Word yout yt folx slang for white yut Z shit Zerg rush.

Yt folx is internet slang for "white folks." Sometimes serious but often humorous, yt folx is typically used by people of color, usually black Americanas, to call out. I don't know much about the folks at Soft Skull Media. Apparently, it's some kind of underground publishing house, or used to be. I dunno. But. This list of ethnic slurs is sorted into categories that can defined by race, nationality or ethnicity. .. A term used by Italian Americans to refer to Americans of White Anglo Saxon Protestant descent, Seppo and Septic: From Cockney rhyming slang, using the unrhymed word of "septic tank" in reference to "Yank" above.

Where does yt folx come from? Who uses yt folx?

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