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Dates in spanish

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In this article, I explain all you need to know about the Spanish dates. But if you are dates in spanish for a quick answer, you may find useful this interactive Spanish calendar. As we have seen, in order to say the year you simply name the corresponding cardinal number.

To know how to form any cardinal, visit our article about numbers in Spanish. A frequent error is spanisn write volumptous woman year with a dot to separate the thousands 2.

For dates before the year 1 BC, the expression antes de Cristo before Christ is typically used. The abbreviations are a.

In order to express date intervals, you can use the prepositions de — aor also desde — hasta. Esa tienda estuvo cerrada desde el 7 de agosto hasta el 8 de septiembre. dates in spanish

For the most dates in spanish, writing dates in Spanish is no different than saying them aloud. You just have to keep in mind some spelling guidelines:. In the Spanish-speaking countries, the first day of the week is not Sunday, but Monday catesas you can see in the calendar.

Sometimes you know a date only approximately. These are some frequently used expressions for those unspecific dates:.

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